The Harpenden Campaign For Air Traffic Reduction
An increasing number of Harpenden residents and their families are victims of the noise, safety risk, environmental impact, intrusion of privacy, stress and property devaluation caused by aircraft overflights and it is likely to get worse.
HarpendenSky Campaign Impact
The HarpendenSky campaign supports the residential community covered by Harpenden Town Council with focused effort to alleviate the impact of airtraffic generated by Luton Airport. We are not against Luton Airport but we know that more effective management of Luton airtraffic to benefit Harpenden residents is an achievable goal.

Since formation the HarpendenSky campaign has been instrumental in significantly alleviating the impact of helicopter airtraffic over the town by agreeing its transfer to the A1/M1 corridors.
HarpendenSky Supporters
The HarpendenSky campaign has regular direct dialogue with Luton Airport management and is fully supported by:
Bim Afolami MP for Harpenden & Hitchin
Teresa Heritage County Councillor
Harpenden Town Council

"I know that increasing number of people in Harpenden, Sandridge and Redbourn are being affected by worsening noise and air pollution from Luton Airport. I support any initiative by SADC to form a group which will work with Luton Airport and Luton Borough council to tackle this. Please tell all HarpendenSky members that I'm in support!"
Bim Afolami MP for Harpenden & Hitchin

"Your support is much appreciated. Of course I will continue to support your campaign."
Teresa Heritage Hertfordshire County Councillor
Building Harpenden Resistance
When complaining about Luton Airtraffic noise put NOISE COMPLAINT in the subject line with the flight date & approximate time, then in the body of the email highlight your complaint detail with your location & request an acknowledgement that the complaint has been logged. Send your complaints on the impact of airtraffic in your home’s airspace to and to:
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